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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  September 28, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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some brands have as much fat and calories as candy bars. we have nutrition advice including a healthy dinner makeover at click on living well. it appears the fbi has more targets in mind as it investigates bribes in the dc taxi cab industry. good morning. i'm andrea roane. kim martucci is in for howard bernstein with weather. angie goff has traffic and some early-morning slow downs. we will get to that in a moment, but let's find out what is happening after all the rain over the weekend. >> it was nice. we needed it. it fell when i was hiking in west virginia. that's okay. got through it alive. let's get moving. all is clear at our bus stop and the kids are ready to go as we head in to school look at around. at the bus stop all is clear and temperatures in the 50s
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almost everywhere. manassas dipped down to the 40s. 8 there. 59 inside the beltway. 54 frederick, maryland. game plan today, no problems this morning, west virginia to the eastern shore. by lunch, from west to east, a couple of isolated showers, but still mild in the upper and middle 70s. more to come on the seven day when i see you next. how's the traffic? >> not looking good on 270. fortunately, that's how we kick things off with this major backup starting to build approaching 121. some crash activity is taking away traffic. crews are working hard to open one or two lanes of traffic. i will keep you updated with the latest on-line, as well. moving to the outer loop, a different story here. drivers are zipping by past university. the same situation around the beltway. to the maps we go, route 4, route 5 and 301. incident and accident free and
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95 to 66 in virginia the inner loop is looking nice and green. 395 northbound no delays past duke street and 45 to 50 minute commute on 95 in virginia to get from fredericksburg to the beltway. now, over to andrea. we have more information about an fbi investigation in to the dc taxi cab industry. agents are working on several fronts. two of those fronts involve alleged bribes to city workers and their bosses. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. the fbi probe includes alleged bribes at the dc vehicle inspection station in west. our sources say a dc council member and his chief of staff were on tape talking with who they a thought was a cab company representative when in fact they were communicating with an undercover fbi agent. >> 9 news now first learned cab drivers were leaving $20 bills in the ashtrays of their
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vehicles. some inspectors were allegedly taking the bribes as payment for overlooking deficiencies on the cab that should have earned them a rejection sticker. a second part of the fbi probe centers on city hall. the feds arrested the chief of staff to jim graham. loza is charged with accepting trips, gifts and bribes of $1,500 in exchange for legislation introduced by graham that favored certain cab companies. >> we fully believe once all of the evidence has been put in front of the jury he will be vindicated. >> reporter: sources tell 9 news now that councilman graham is a target of the probe. the ward 2 councilman had done nothing wrong and knew of no wrongdoing on anyone's part.
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we have confirmed the bill will not be passed. a local woman doing yard work died last after night a tree fell on her. police say the 63-year-old victim was doing yard work when the tree fell on top of her. her husband came outside to find her trapped under the tree. he called 911. >> we found a 63-year-old female under an approximately ten inch caliber tree. the tree appeared to have been dead and fallen with the dead root system and possibly with the rain we have have had in the area. the woman's name is being withheld pending notification of the rest of her family. a neighborhood is struggling to find answers
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after the death of a family in mount airiry, maryland. friends held a vigil in honor of the daltons. police say charles dalton killed his wife, two children and the family dog before committing suicide. they believe he may have snapped under financial pressures. pulitzer prize-winning columnist william sapphire has died of cancer. he died in a maryland hospital. sapphire, who was also a language expert, spent more than 30 years writing for the new york times. during the nixon administration he served as a white house speech writer. he wrote scathing columns on the financial affairs. the education of 200 students is in limbo this morning. the city decided to cull them out of the school in virginia.
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the school enrolls 170 dc students a cost of $10 million and it has been educating district use for 15 years. city officials say they are not getting their money's worth. teachers, staff and parents strongly disagree. >> i think it is all about money. i think they have however many million dollar short fall and they are going to try to make up that short fall by sacrificing our children. >> reporter: dc attorney general peter nickels says it is not about the money and instead he says fishes went to the academy several times and witnessed the teachers not teaching the programs required for special needs students. time for our first living smart report of the morning. digital correspondent, jessica doyle has a preview of the day ahead on wall street. well, wall street will try to break out of the losing streak three sessions in a row of losses. stocks we'll have to wait and see how the economic impact
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affects the marketss and a busy week on tap with consumer defend dense, second quarter growth figures and there's the september employment report on friday. as for trading so far today, stocks have lost ground overseas. wall street went lower, as well. on friday it sank 42, the nasdaq dropped 17, and the s&p slipped 6. the obama administration is close to committing as much as $35 million to help weak state and housing industries provide mortgages to low income families. the program could be announced as early as this week. the agencies offer low-rate mortgages for many first-time and low-income buyers. americans are getting more confident the economy is recovering. 84% of americans say they believe the nation is in a
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recession. but 52% say things are getting better and two-thirds expect the economy to be better if not fully recovered a year from now. what's coming up? we have the money-saving tip of the day and we have smart strategies if you need a new roof. here's the bad news, the lions are celebrating their first win since december of 2007, courtesy of your washington redskins. after giving up 13 points in the first half the redskins looked ready to play catchup at the third quarter. campbell throws a 57-yard touchdown pass to moss but detroit answers with a running td. the skins went in to desperation mode. campbell threw another touchdown this one to cartwright but a last minute attempt ends in failure. the skins fall to the lions 19- 14. >> no words to say yet.
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we talked about going in to this week we did not treat this team lightly. >> we have to bounce back. you know, tip my hat to them, they beat us. >> reporter: we will hear from the redskins offensive starters coming up in sports. a movie industry figure who's been a fugitive more than 30 years is under arrest this morning. that story is coming up. plus, an historic building is no more but it will be part of reality tv history. researchers discover moderate exercise may prevent a common form of cancer. you are watching 9 news now.
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welcome back. ten minutes after the 5:00 hour. 270 drivers look at this. 1281 we have an -- 111 we have an -- at 121 we have an
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accident and people are backed up to 109. in the news now man polandust ski has been arrested. he is wanted on charges of having sex with a 13-year-old in 1978. today, jews around the world are observing item kippur the holiest day on the jewish calendar. it lasts until sundown tonight. the israeli military is remaining a shut down of the west bank it will be closed until the holiday ends. if phoenix, arizona, demolition crews took down the ten-story old mountain bell plaza building. it was one of the city's first glass and steel high-rises.
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it was videotaped for an upcoming reality show about the owners of the demolition company. it appears some college students may have too much time on their hands. see why in what's on the web. and a new warning about a common flu remedies for children. >> this afternoon's weather in a word, windy. yep, i will tell you about it next this morning. just turned 5:12 and you are watching 9 news now. by putting an end to paper medical records, we have ushered health into the digital age. saving lives, sometimes when seconds count. managing chronic conditions. making amazing new discoveries. and, oh yes, saving a lot of trees.
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kaiser permanente. thrive.
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welcome back to 9 news now. you have a fall forecast after miles of hiking in the rain. >> i finally had a chance to stay at the asa klein house. great inn from the 1700s right in yellow spring and had a great time. despite my husband insisting on hiking in the pouring rain on saturday. all is fair in love and war. let's get moving. great to see you at the bus stop. it is all clear. as the kids get moving they need to not worry about their umbrellas because i think the rain will fall on recess, on or about. the temperatures are dipped in to the 40s like at culpeper. manassas 48 last hour and rebounded to 50.
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61 leesburg. winchester 56. as for the wind, for the time being they are not too bad. they are out of the southwest at six. later today they will become more westerly to northwesterly and we may clock wind gusts at 30 miles an hour and the windy weather will not be a one-day thing. it will last a couple of days. clouds increasing by lunch. from west to east, i say by the lunch hour out to win chester in to the dc area by 3:00 or 4:00 a qume of showers, nothing too heavy. that will be a long a front that will increase wind speeds. there's a front out here in the ocean. that's the one that brought the inch and a half of rain on saturday and sunday. the one headed here next is over my shoulder and coming through the ohio river valley at this hour. later this afternoon it is a quick mover. it is on the delmarva but will have brought a couple of showers here by then and those winds will be increasing.
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let me take you hour by hour. here we are at 8:00 this morning to partly cloudy skies. showers in to washington county, maryland, 4:00 over the district and then off to the east already for that drive home. the winds will make hanging on to the steering wheel later this afternoon your number one priority. here's the seven day. we feel like autumn as we head through the rest of the workweek 60s for the high with inside the beltway lows around around 50. angie in her pumpkin colored jacket is walking to the green wall has traffic. >> i wish my traffic was nice and sweet like a pumpkin and it is not the situation. we will kick things off with 270 southbound. this is better. we had an accident blocking all
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lanes and they were backed up to 109 but they are breaking apart. if you plan to hit the road and you want to avoid this all together you can take 109 to 355 to get back on to father hurley boulevard. okay. let's keep things moving and take you to 95 and the bw parkway. out of baltimore so far so good to 495. virginia, we are thinking of you, as well. tracking 66 eastbound. on the inlear loop we are fine past eisenhower and little river. 64 miles an hour is how fast drivers are going. and 395 is delay free from duke street to the 14th street bridge. that's the traffic. in the living well headlines a public health alert about liquid tamiflu for children. u.s. health officials say parents should give youngsters -- could give their youngsters the wrong dose to treat the h1n1 flu.
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they warn the dosing instructions don't always match the measurement markings. dosing instructions maybe in teaspoons while the syringe marking are in milligrams. exercise may help prevent prostate cancer. they found men who were moderately active several hours a week were significantly less likely to be diagnosed with the disease. for those that death did develop it, exercise was associated with a lesser form of the disease. now to kristin fisher in the web center. >> i have a viral video for all of you to get your monday morning started off right. now, it is part of a growing trend on-line called lip dubbing and the way it works is you or a group of people lip sync a song, film it and add in the original song. but a lip dub shows how
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elaborate a lip dub can get ♪ [ music ] ♪ & do it let's do it do it &&. >> you have probably heard this song before but this is the lip dub to the black eyed song "i have a feeling." i was shot in a single tape. there are no edits and more impressive is all the planning that went in to this. the organizers were two communications students at this university and they spent a month planning exactly how they were going to execute this and then they had to coordinate it with the 172 communications students that all took part in this. now, this video is posted on september 10th but you can see here it is on-line. it was featured on cnn last week and now getting 150,000 views on this one clip and there's a few others. so it is up to a half million
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but it was put together as an idea to teach communications students how to edit and i think it is doing a good job so far. >> they have learned their lessons well. thank you. the nationals find themselves a player in the playoff race. we'll explain that one coming up in sports. plus, one of the redskins that performed well on sunday reacts to the loss to the lions. we'll be right back. if i lost the weight, maybe my feet... my back... knees would stop hurting. if i lost the weight, i'd feel more comfortable shopping for clothes. i'd visit my sister in seattle more often. i might be able to improve or even resolve my type 2 diabetes. so, i finally lost the weight after talking with my doctor about the lap-band system. announcer: the lap-band is placed around the upper part of the stomach-- often as an outpatient procedure-- to help you achieve long-term weight loss. unlike gastric bypass, it can be adjusted,
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here's who's celebrating a birthday today. we know how the redskins ged yesterday so let's check on other teams. the giant the buccaneers and new york started the bounding early. brandon joy jacobs goes up the middle for the first score. the giants beat leftwich early and often. giants roll 24-0. another laugher in philly with the eagles and michael
5:25 am
vick. mcnabb backup, gets jackson with a 64-yard touchdown pass. philly wins 34-14. all right. let's go back to the redskins and the lack of points. the offense seemed to move between the 20s washington has had six and goal situations this year but only one converted for a touchdown. moss had a good game on sunday but the team still lost to the previously winless lions. >> i don't feel like they were the better team. you know, maybe they might have a different opinion but you can see when it came down to it we can do things and i hope this strikes a match on our behalf that we can realize you can't wait around for someone to make us mad or make us angry and doing good. we have to do it from the start. >> reporter: the lions wore down washington's defense by holding the ball nearly three
5:26 am
times as long as the skins in the first half. in baseball, the nationals involved in a post-season race this weekend because their opponent , the atlanta braves are making a run at the wild card spot. the finale is tied at three but in the tenth mcdougal couldn't hold down the fort. omar gets a two run single and the nats lose 6-3. they host the mets tonight. find out how to save big on the next roofing job coming up in our money-saving tip of the day. plus, iran announces the test firing of more missiles day a's ahead oaf the first direct talks to with the u.s. in decades. and a move metro officials announced after the deadly red line crash may have been for appeasement than safety. we are tracking the roads. traveling 50 westbound the think the bay bridge.
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in issues. traffic and weather is together next.
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welcome back. thanks for joining us. we are catching up on tv over the weekend. >> and how late we all stayed up watching it. >> i know. >> angie will have the traffic in just a moment. >> kim stayed up late but it was raring to go. >> it was worth every bit of sleep deprivation. show you the forecast where skies are clear and in good shape for the kids. nippy in spots. a couple of upper 40s but middle east locations in the 50s at this hour including the district up to frederick and down to fredericksburg. culpeper is 48 and leesburg 1. here's the drill. partly cloudy today. between lunch and 4:00 a slight chance of a shower but the weather story will be afternoon winds that stick with us through wednesday. and notice we go from 77 today to the high of only 68 on wednesday. good morning. >> a little drop there.
5:31 am
good morning, hey, everybody, we are half way through the 5:00 hour and i'm happy to report that things are brighter here on 270 southbound at 121 all lanes are now open after an early-morning accident shut the road down and that delay is clearing out. a little bit of congestion. factor in an extra minute to play it on the safe side. moving to the outer loop. here's your shot. live from university drivers are zipping by at speed. route 4, route 5 and 301. take it to the maps and show you what is going on here. no incidents or accidents to report. an hey, virginia, 95 northbound an accident-free commute as well from dumfries and through lorton and 495. now, over to andrea. >> this morning iran appears to be thumbing its nose at the rest of the world. the iranian military reportedly tested a long-range missile
5:32 am
this morning. the country claims some 400 short and medium range missiles were fired over the weekend. the test are days after president obama revealed to the world iran is building an underground nuclear facility. the u.s. is denying the claims this is solely for electricity. >> if we do not get the changes we are looking for and the answers we are expecting we will work toward working with our partners toward sanctions. we have new details about an fbi investigation this to the dc taxi cab industry. agents are working the case that involves alleged bribes to city workers and their bosses. 9 news now digital correspondent alex trevino is outside of city hall with the latest details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we learned the fbi sting includes a tape recording that
5:33 am
claims to have a council councilman and his chief of staff talking with who they thought was a cab company but it was an undercover fbi agent. the fbi probe includes alleged bribes at the dc vehicle inspection in southwest. cab drivers were leaving $20 bills in the ashtrays of their vehicles. some were allegedly taking the bribes as payment for overlooking deficiencies on the cabs. that should have earned them a rejection sticker. another part of the probe focuses on city hall. the fbi arrested ted loza, chief of staff to councilman graham. >> one all of the evidence has been put in front of a jury he will be completely vindicated. >> sources close to the fbi
5:34 am
probe say that councilman graham is also a target of the probe. the ward 2 councilman says he has done nothing wrong and knew of no wrongdoing on ted ted's part. >> reporter: they say bribes exceeding $150,000 were offered to a member of the taxi cab commission who went to police which led to the investigation by the fbi. 9 news now and starting on thursday, it will be illegal to text an drive in the state of maryland. drivers caught texting while driving face a $500 fine. assistant state's attorney general catherine row says police officers will have a lot of discretion in enforcing the new law. a lot will be based on what they witness. today aaa is launching a safety campaign aimed a at reducing driver distraction through construction zones. they say drivers using cell phones are four times more likely to be involved in a crash and drivers who text are
5:35 am
20 times more likely to have a crash while distracted. documents show a move made after june's deadly metro crash was more to appease the public than fix a safety issue. the transit system announced the oldest series 1,000 trains would be moved to the middle of cars. the striking train in the red line crash was a series 1,000 and it sustained catastrophic damage. the "washington post" obtained documents showing metro had no support for moving the older trains but it was viewed as a public relations effort. a prince georges county shopping center is closed today while investigators look for the source of a gas leak. the leak load to an evacuation of a penn mar shopping center on sunday. fire officials say the electricity was shut off but when they turned off the gas meters it didn't help. it is similar to a situation that unfolded on may 7th. a gas leak caused an explosion at the same shopping center.
5:36 am
>> back on may 7th we had injured firefighters and evacuated 50 some people and probably saved their lives if not serious injury because of what is sounding like at this point, again we are early in the incident but sounds like the same exact set of circumstances is occurring now as did in may. >> reporter: the washington gas company and pepco are working to resolve the problem for good today. time for another living smart report and jessica doyle is back and she's thinking of holiday travel. i like your thoughts. >> never too early to plan for vacations. good morning. if you are planning to fly around the holidays in november and december you want to budget some more money. the st. louis dispatch reports that several big airlines this week have added $10 sure charges for ticket on travel around thanksgiving and new years. the airlines adding fees for
5:37 am
holiday travel are american, united, u.s. airways and delta. an analyst says the airlines probably added the charge rather than raising base fare prices but holiday fares are up to 20% cheaper than last year, at least for now. big job losses in the spike of retirement claims will force social security to pay out more in benefits than it collects in taxes in the next two years the deficits won affect payments to retirees but will add to the federal deficit. do you have a problem with your roof? a lot of people in the washington area do. according to the national center for healthy housing 8% of local homeowners report a roof problem. if you need to replace your roof think of energy efficiency when selecting supplies, white galvanized metal and cement tile do the best reflecting the
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sun and help you save on heating and cooling bills. more than 14 years later the fbi releases tapes of america's worst case of home grown terrorism. that story is coming up. and this morning the latest wildfire out west has crews scrambling to save part of yellowstone national park. here's angie. we are traveling eastbound on the dulles toll road past the airport to 495 or 66. we are finding nice volume and lanes are open. we will have more news next. stay with 9 news now. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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a lightning sparked fire in yellowstone is threatening a hotel. it has burned 13 square miles.
5:41 am
sprinklers have been set up around the hotel site. the fbi is released some previously-secret tapes from the is t 95 bombing of the oklahoma city federal building bombing. it does not show the explosion itself but rather people running out of nearby buildings after the blast. copies are given to the oklahoma city national museum. voters? germany have given merkel a second term. it's the sports story the redskins didn't want to be part of. we heard from the coaches and players earlier this hour. coming up, we will show you what redskins fans and bloggers are saying about an embarrassing loss to the lions. so far so good this morning, no problems but later this afternoon the winds will gust. i will let you know how long
5:42 am
this will last and how the rest of the workweek is shaping up. it is monday morning, you are with the right team, 9 news now. we'll be right back.
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tonight at 11:00, a toxic chemical to pets. how to protect your pets tonight at 11:00. many redskins fans are shaking their heads after washington's loss to once winless detroit. the lions offense controlled the ball for most of the first up going up 13-0. at the start of the second half, campbell touch tossed a 57-yard touch down but detroit answered with a running td. the skins went this to desperation mode and campbell had this play. >> i'm a true redskins fan but
5:46 am
our quarterback, i feel like is lacking on our plays. >> it is bad opinionalty. it is lack of execution at critical times. >> we'll see next game. it will be better. >> they need to get rid of the staff and they need a guy who wants to win. >> get rid of zorn as well as campbell. i'm wearing his jersey. i'm a fan of campbell but it is time to get rid of him. >> reporter: if the redskins are going to right the ship no time like the present. we know on any given sunday anyone can win. the blogs are boiling on fire with this. let's go to kristin fisher in the web center. >> boy it was a tough break for the redskins but i tell you what they are not getting any breaks from the bloggers. look at how far the reaction to brutal loss to the lions is
5:47 am
shaping up on-line. start by checking out the blog, the dcist. their headline, last night's action, yeah, that happened. they start by quoting campbell who said it was the one that got away from us. and then goes on to say you think? the understatement of the year for some. this loss was a cherry on top of one of the most terrible, horrible, no good very bad years in theoriesry of professional athletics. please don't told back at all. check out the washington examiner. their top line right here, they say the redskins became part of history and not the way they wanted. i have to say that sentiment is echoed on our own sara walsh's blog, skins unsensorred on she calls her web post debacle in detroit. hers reads the redskins have become exactly who they didn't want to be, that team, the one that ends the lions skid.
5:48 am
check out the redskins facebook page. thousands of comments are pour pouring in. i want to share two with you this morning. one wrotes, i have been a redskins fan 30 years and i can't watch anymore. i'm tired of being more emotional than the guys out there playing. there are a ton of comments if you want to see the postings, i will have them on my blog at >> remember the steelers had a 30 year drought before they became a power house. >> how about all of those super bowls they didn't win. >> and then the coach goes to the next team and, a little phase. >> we must. >> we have to watch out for some rain -- not rain. but wind. wind is going to be the major thing later this afternoon it will stick around tomorrow and a little on wednesday, as well.
5:49 am
bus stop weather this morning. all is clear for the kids. temperatures in the 50s and winds are not out of control yet. that's good. driving in to work won't be a problem with rain of wind. 52 martinsburg. hello andrews air force base you have 53. 547 frederick and 58 fredericksburg. here's the winds at the time being. southwesterly and nice and gentle at six miles an hour. the humidity is 78%. the game plan, we'll increase clouds by the lunch hour. a couple of showers along 81. so washington county, hampshire area hardy counties, west virginia and around the beltway between 2:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. before we hit that high of 77. and then after that front, that's when the winds will increase. maybe getting as high as gusting to 30 miles an hour. so that's why you need to pay attention, especially to the afternoon forecast. right now the front is far away across the ohio river valley
5:50 am
but this one will tap in to winds. to get showers they act like liaisons to the winds above and mix them to the surface. that's likely going to happen later today and gusty winds stay with us the next several days because this front is attached to a low that will spin across ontario and quebec the next couple of days and wind itself up and send busy winds in our direction. you can keep your eye up here on the title and another eye over us and you will see the time line of how things unfold. by 4:00 they are blasting through the beltway, isolated. otherwise mostly cloudy and wind speeds gusting basically. after that just in and out of clouds and no more rain for the next couple of days. let me show you the seven day. tomorrow we transition to 70 for the high. after that on wednesday and thursday, highs will only be in the 60s. we'll break free of gusty winds by wednesday afternoon and
5:51 am
hopefully head to the weekend on a good note. 71 on friday and 72 on saturday. angie goff, good morning. >> good morning. hello, everybody. ten minutes from the 6:00 hour. it is monday. we are ready to get you pumped up for the week. begin with a nice 395 northbound. things are moving well past duke street to the 14th street bridge. as we flicker along. show you 95 to 66. here's our realtime graphic. no problems. drivers are moving at speed between 95 and 66. it is like that to the american legion bridge. back outside, speaking of 66 from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway looks like a good drive. 270 southbound a little bit of volume still leftover approaching the 121 area. that's because of han early morning accident. that's now clear from father hurley to the split. you are doing okay. wrapping it up inbound new york
5:52 am
avenue no incidents or accidents from bladensburg road to the third street tunnel. the forecast stays the same for moviegoers this weekend. details coming up in "the buzz." plus, the man that hoped to be virginia's next governor comes to our area. ( piano music playing )
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montgomery is asking the highest court to require on duty officers to pay speed camera tickets. cash-strapped fairfax county considers selling naming rights for the public park. read these stories and more in the examiner. virginiaens go to polls to elect a governor five weeks from tomorrow and the race is getting increasingly expensive. mcdonnell and deeds are featuring new negative ads. both spent time stumping in northern virginia on sunday. >> reporter: given the importance of northern virginia in deciding an election, it is no surprise each campaign is focusing so heavily on this
5:56 am
part of the state. deeds meeting with supporters in tysons corner on sunday afternoon. mcdonnell with the federation of police in manassas. both men on sunday responding to a with within invitation to say specifically what he planned to do for northern virginia. each promised to focus on the economy, education and energy. each stressed transportation improvements. >> the biggest impediment impediment is transportation. >> have a detailed transportation plan. >> reporter: mcdonnell rolls out new taxes for a plan and deeds dunn. >> we have to address the issue right now and we will have to rate something in excess of $1 billion to fund the plan. >> i think overwhelmingly people are saying we can't sustain billions of new taxes when we expect you to run government better. >> reporter: newspapers condemn deeds false attacks. >> both sides have new negative ads on the air. >> 35 bills restricting a
5:57 am
woman's choice. >> reporter: both sides defend the practice. >> we are going to draw and contrast comparisons when they are appropriate. >> i look at those as contrast ads. >> mark warner e-mailed supporters over the weekend asking they contribute to deeds. because this expensive race is drawing national attention will get even more expensive in the days ahead with a lot of that money being spent in the always important northern virginia. >> this week at the box office, my favorite children's book is a movie and it is number one out, two weeks in a row "cloudy with a chance of meatballs. " yes, number one. it has increased the domestic hall to 60 million and held off bruce willis ' action thriller surrogate. and number three. >> anyone see anything this
5:58 am
weekend? >> huh-uh. >> we were saying i almost watched can't find me love. that's a blast from the past. speaking along the lines of entertain and movie making. it turns out a 200-foot mushroom cloud hovered over a small massachusetts cloud. people saw a jumbo jet engulfed in flames. it was a 727 jet. it was a wreck and it was for a new action comedy starting cameron diaz and tom cruise. and it is supposed to be a spy thriller basically cruise is teaming up with midwestern girl and they are trying to protect an invention. it is a battery that is the key to infinite power source. >> did they really crash a plane and blow it up. >> yeah. >> how the heck did they do
5:59 am
that that. >> they have these planes that are demissionening and so they get the real thing. we are devoted cbs fans. and if we are really crazy and up that late we are watching letterman but conan is expected to be back tonight. he injured his head during a stunt on friday. instead of seeing desperate house wives teri hatcher and snl's seth mcfarland on friday they had a rerun. but conan is okay, resting at home over the weekend and will be back today. >> a stunt for his own program. >> okay. i'm ready for not so windy weather but looks like we will get weather ever windy weather despite what i'm hoping for. as you head out the kids won't need rain gear because any showers this afternoon should fall before they get home. it is all clear,


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